Buddy System

Buddy Holders

50% of all income from Buddies secondary market sales is shared equally between Buddy Holders. 5% of all Box Maze World (Our Game Collection) income will be shared among Buddy Holders, including secondary sales of all other Box Maze World NFTs, as well as income from any other Box Maze World drops.

We Love Wax Projects

5% of all income from the Buddies sale will be used to purchase and burn NFT's from Box Maze World and other projects on WAX. The collections will be voted on by you, the community!


5% of all income from the Buddies sale will be given to NFTHive for creating the PFP tool.

Introducing Johnny, the New Free To Play Champion Coming to PvP!

Johnny will have low stats and a limited use and can be neither upgraded nor restored once his health has been depleted. A limited number of Johnny's will be available per week, requirements will apply in order to earn a Johnny and players may only hold 1 Johnny!

The first 50 Buddy owners (mint 1-50) will each be dropped a Free Johnny to start playing PvP.

About Buddies

Acquire one of these exceptional digital collectibles for as low as 25 WAX.

The Box Maze Buddies collection presents 107 traits across 11 properties including, outfits, back wear, eye wear, eyes, head wear, mouth, nose, tattoos, box color, backgrounds, and the elusive special trait. This results in a collection of digital collectibles that are truly unique and diverse.

Each of the 5,000 Buddies possesses its own distinct individuality, ensuring that every collector owns a unique Buddy.

For security and authenticity, Buddies are securely stored on the WAX Blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Use your Buddy however and wherever you want, once generated your Buddy artwork is 100% your property!


Embedd your Buddies directly into your PvP Champion Cards by owning a Buddy and any boxmazeworld PvP Champion Card.

PvP Battles 30 June 2023!

Play Box Maze World

Box Maze World is an interactive game that implements a burn-to-earn leveling system, where the amount of tokens you can earn increases as you progress to higher levels. To advance your level, you must infuse equipment by burning it in-game. Each level corresponds to a specific number of tokens that you can earn and claim.

Aside from the burn-to-earn leveling system, Box Maze World offers additional gameplay features to enhance the overall experience. These include an Adventure mode, where players can embark on an adventure every 24 hours to obtain orbs which can be used in weekly limited blends to discover land or other NFTs, PvP (player versus player) battles for competitive interactions (currently being reworked), and a Solar System that provides additional opportunities within the game's universe.

Company Info:


Durban, South Africa

Registration Number: 2022/454491/07